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Grease Containment Systems are available and are custom-fitted to meet each system’s needs.  Each is designed to limit the amount of grease deposit on rooftops.  The GCS is inspected each time the system is serviced.  The pads are rotated or changed out to insure effectiveness.    Should you require a GCS, an initial cleanup of the roof and any other affected area may be needed before installation.  Each GCS is either placed around the fan base or directly on the rooftop depending on the type and condition of system currently in use.  


In addition to a thorough cleaning, we offer a filter replacement program. The purpose of filters in a kitchen exhaust system is much like those used in an air conditioning system. They are the front- line defense for particles and debris being circulated and passed through your exhaust system. Once these filters become saturated with debris and grease, the system becomes inefficient. With constricted air flow, the ability to “pull” the grease-laden vapors out of the kitchen and through the system is decreased significantly. We recommend the use of stainless steel filters stock a wide range of sizes for purchase. Timely and thorough maintenance of not only the vent-hood, but also the filters can ensure a more efficient system. Filters are never cleaned on-site, but rather replaced with clean ones with each service for a nominal fee.

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We sale Pressure Washers, Mounted Pressure Washers(on trailers with storage and a small chemical tank and pump sprayer), and numerous other parts and supplies associated with Pressure washers. Our trailer mounted units come with a 1yr limited warranty(labor included). If you ever have a problem with your trailer mounted unit in that first year, we will fix it free of charge(unless abused or wrongfully used/modified) and provide you with a “loaner” trailer mounted unit until we get yours fixed.


NFPA 96 Fire Code states “Approved upblast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weatherproof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.” We sale and can install hinge kits on your upblast fan for you, and help you get your building up to fire code standards.

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